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Disaster Recovery Planning

Do You Have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

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Businesses cannot eliminate disasters, but proactive preparation can mitigate data loss and disruption to operations. A disaster recovery plan is an essential set of procedures documented to protect an organizations IT infrastructure after any disruption ranging from a power failure, system crash, natural disaster, or human error. There are three types of disaster recovery strategies:

  • Preemptive backup and recovery planning, designed to prevent a disaster.
  • Detective disaster recovery measures, designed to identify potential threats.
  • Corrective disaster recovery methods, designed to recover an IT infrastructure after a disaster has occurred.

Disaster Recovery Planning from IT TechStop

Vital Vault offers automated turn-key cloud backup with redundant datacenters, local data replication, 24/7 data availability, and emergency recovery media service. Our customers benefit with:

  • No upfront capital investment in their disaster recovery planning.
  • Low cost subscription based Backup & Disaster Recover Cloud Storage.
  • Peace of mind knowing that they can focus on their business and not worry about any type of disaster.

What is IT Disaster Recovery?

In the midst of a natural disaster such as a fire or flood, or human-error such as a file deletion or computer virus, companies must protect their investment in their IT infrastructure and mission-critical data. Ensuring minimal disruption to business operations is dependent on the preventative, detective, and restorative measures a company takes, which is often detailed in a structured IT disaster recovery plan.

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IT disaster recovery planning involves:

  • Having a duplicated copy of local data stored offsite in case a disaster, network or human error may occur.
  • Rapid recovery of data, electronic communications, and hardware in the event of a catastrophic disaster.
  • Regular testing of backup and recovery strategies, and comprehensive documentation on the process.

Disaster Recovery with IT TechStop's Vital Vault Backup & DR Solution

Data loss can range from the simple deletion of a single email to a devastating hurricane that destroys the physical structure of a business and its entire network system. IT TechStop offers IT disaster recovery solutions to our clients for the rapid recovery of their data- no matter what type of data loss occurs. Vital Vault's turn-key cloud backup and disaster recovery solution features mirrored data center locations, 24/7 data availability, and emergency recovery services.

Our disaster recovery capabilities include:

  • On-demand disaster recovery of individual files, folders, revisions, or backup sets in just a few clicks.
  • Complete disaster recovery in the event of widespread system failure.
  • Full data disaster recovery support for Microsoft Servers, Exchange, SQL, and VMware images.

Excellence in IT Disaster Recovery Empowers Our Clients

IT TechStop's Vital Vault extends beyond its online backup and disaster recovery solution, empowering clients U.S.-based technical support, and dedicated account management. If in fact a disaster does strike, IT TechStop is armed and ready to instantly recover their client's critical data with minimal disruption or lasting consequences.

IT TechStop offers resources to assist help their clients in the following:

  • Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Restoring Microsoft Exchange in the event of a disaster.
  • System State Backups and best practices for preventative disaster measures.

Security and Reliability

Vital Vault Security

Keep Your Data Safe with Vital Vault

Data security is critical, especially if you are subject to industry or federal regulations. Vital Vault takes this seriously, and we strive to meet the highest standards for data security and regulatory compliance.

We leverage leading technology to ensure data is stored securely and reliably, and that you can quickly retrieve data when you need it.

Data Security You Can Depend On

Clean Backups, Cleaner Restores

When it's time to perform a recovery, you need to know the data you backed up isn't corrupted. We perform numerous checks within our software and at the data center level to ensure that when you need to restore your data, it is clean and uncorrupted.

Military-Grade Data Encryption

Keep data safe wherever it is. We secure files beyond the 128-bit encryption methods typically used for online banking. We also communicate with our servers using Secure Socket Layers technology, ensuring your data is encrypted both in transit over the internet and in storage at our facilities.

Robust Data Center Security

Data is stored on state-of-the-art file servers in SSAE-16-certified, mirrored data centers located thousands of miles apart. Our facilities are secured with biometric controlled access, 24/7 monitoring, backup generators, and redundant connections to the Internet.

Your Data, When You Need It

When a disaster occurs, fast data access is crucial to reliable recovery. To facilitate speedy data restoration in the event of a major data loss event, we offer Recovery-as-a-Service. At your request, we can ship a drive containing all of your data overnight. Once the drive arrives, we simply plug it in and restore your data back to its prior state.

The Vital Vault Advantage

Protection for International Data

  • Montreal-based data center complies with Canadian federal and provincial regulations
  • Data stored in Canadian Data Center never crosses country's borders
  • Complies with the same strict security requirements as our U.S. data centers

  • Compliant with major federal and industry data regulations
  • Software independently certified as compliant
  • HIPAA, FINRA, PCI, Safe Harbor, and FERPA compliant

Data Security Compliance

Enabling You to Comply with Data Regulations

As a business you may be subject to regulations that govern how you protect sensitive data. Failure to comply with any one of these regulations can often lead to serious fines and ramifications. We're here to help.

VitalVault takes compliance seriously. That's why we have taken steps to ensure that our software abides by the strictest security controls required by major industry and federal regulations. See how we enable you to satisfy all major compliance regulations and keep your data safe.

Requires the protection of confidentiality and security of healthcare information


Requires the protection of confidentiality and security of healthcare information

How we comply:

  • Military-grade data encryption in transit and at rest
  • Redundant secure data centers
  • Password protected access to backups


Requires the protection of confidentiality and security of educational records

How we comply:

  • Military-grade data encryption in transit and at rest
  • Redundant secure data centers
  • Password protected access to backups


Dedicated to investor protection and market integrity through effective and efficient regulation of the securities industry

How we comply:

  • Features such as built-in access controls and audit logs
  • FINRA-compliant data infrastructure


Payment Card Industry Data Security standard for protecting credit cardholder data

How we comply:

  • Software does not store full track or magnetic stripe data
  • Encrypt data in transit and at rest
  • Access controls to prevent unauthorized access to data

Safe Harbor

Prohibits personal data transfer to non-European Union countries that do not meet EU standards for adequate data protection

How we comply:

  • Meet EU adequacy standards
  • Partners can receive and process personal data from the EU and Switzerland